Exceptions & Warnings#

Transport Errors#

class elastic_transport.TransportError(message, errors=())#

Generic exception for the ‘elastic-transport’ package.

For the ‘errors’ attribute, errors are ordered from most recently raised (index=0) to least recently raised (index=N)

If an HTTP status code is available with the error it will be stored under ‘status’. If HTTP headers are available they are stored under ‘headers’.

class elastic_transport.TlsError(message, errors=())#

Error raised by during the TLS handshake

class elastic_transport.ConnectionError(message, errors=())#

Error raised by the HTTP connection

class elastic_transport.ConnectionTimeout(message, errors=())#

Connection timed out during an operation

class elastic_transport.SerializationError(message, errors=())#

Error that occurred during the serialization or deserialization of an HTTP message body

class elastic_transport.SniffingError(message, errors=())#

Error that occurs during the sniffing of nodes

class elastic_transport.ApiError(message, meta, body, errors=())#

Base-class for clients that raise errors due to a response such as ‘404 Not Found’


class elastic_transport.TransportWarning#

Generic warning for the ‘elastic-transport’ package.

class elastic_transport.SecurityWarning#

Warning for potentially insecure configurations.